Soul and Heart

The Team is everything. We have always known that it is very important to choose your surrounding environment wisely, because you will become the common denominator of the people you communicate the most with. Our vision has always been to build international teams with positive, professional, empathic leaders with true values and common mission. We are very different, but sharing same beliefs.

Facts and Numbers




architects and engineers


teachers and doctors


athletes and artists


high ranked professionals


school dropouts

* Based on independent surveys within the organisation over the last 5 years.

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Our Community

Creating communities and helping others is one of the main natural goals of Team Nusshold’s Leaders. While creating success and reaching goals like time and money, we are never alone, we are creating environment for all people to grow, express themselves and follow their mission in life. We are a likeminded community which grows outside of the business as well.

The Lifestyle

Traveling with style and without limitations

Imagine that you are not limited by time and money - what would be your destination? How long would you stay there? What accommodation, transportation or experiences would you choose?


What clothes, accessories, cars, houses, gifts for others would you choose if you don't care about the price tag?


What cause would you support? How would you spend your time and money if they are enough? What memories would you create?

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