Community means Family

Team Nusshold is a Community, but we often call it “our business Family“. It takes time, efforts, heart and soul to build a strong relationship. Following the principles and the fundamentals of Amway and Network 21 we focused on choosing our surrounding environment wisely, because we are the common denominator of the people we communicate the most with. Our vision has always been to build international teams and communities with positive, professional, empathic leaders with true values and common mission. We are very different, but sharing the same beliefs. It is not true that you can’t choose your Family, welcome to our Community, to our business Family, you will always find support, motivation, working strategies and recognition on every step you take.

Facts means Hope

What is Hope? If someone can do it, I can do it too. If I keep trying, I will succeed. If my “why” is strong enough, nothing can stop me. Well, all this is true. It is easy to have Hope, when you know the Facts. It doesn’t matter what your background, profession, education or starting point is, you can do it!




architects and engineers


teachers and doctors


athletes and artists


high ranked professionals


school dropouts

* Based on independent surveys within the organisation over the last 5 years.

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Team means Freedom

Freedom is different for everybody – it could mean time, money, personal development, helping others, traveling, practicing your hobbies, doing whatever you want, whenever you want, etc. But do you know what is the secret to achieve Freedom – you need a Team and strong partnerships, you need duplication, you need to use a system and give value to the community. Well you have all the ingredients here to achieve your type of Freedom.

Lifestyle means Reward

Security in the future

It is important to reach a goal and certain lifestyle, but do you agree that it is more important to be able to sustain it so you can have a stable future for you and your loved ones?

Safe income

How important is for you to have safe income in bad times? Can you rely on your income streams? Can you build something which can last during crisis?


Taking care of your health takes time, money and daily discipline. Amway products are all related with our physical health, Network 21 products are for our mental health. Being healthy is part of having a great lifestyle, right?

Traveling with style and without limitations

Imagine that you are not limited by time and money - what would be your destination? How long would you stay there? What accommodation, transportation or experiences would you choose?


What clothes, accessories, cars, houses, gifts for others would you choose if you don't care about the price tag?


What cause would you support? How would you spend your time and money if they are enough? What memories would you create?

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