Network TwentyOne International provides complete “turnkey business support solutions” for Amway Independent Business Owners from meetings and function production including education, recognition and motivation to web applications and multi-media products designed to aid you in building a profitable Amway business. All with the assurance of local expertise and corporate management oversight.

More important than ever N21 offers exciting Online Events, like N21 Connect, where you develop vision and excitement for your own future, equip yourself with right knowledge for building your business – all provided only by approved speakers, that have proven success in this business.











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Doug DeVos

American businessman and sailing champion

You took a step to bring people together, to help them to take the next step in their business and in their lives. You’ve been a leadership example for so many and your example has been passed on.

Dr. John Maxwell

*Jim and Nancy Dornan Founded Network TwentyOne

I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference… Jim and Nancy, you made a difference for me, for others and you are making a difference for the kin. I am so glad that I am your friend.

World Vision International

Children have been fed, they’ve received healthcare, they’ve been able to go to school, they’ve been able to experience a peaceful childhood and to be able to have hope because of N21…You are an example of what the corporate world can do throughout the world and make a difference today for the children.

Jim Dornan

Founder of Network TwentyOne

We have so much more to offer and such a responsibility to do it. People want and need what we have for them. Our world is such a unique and positive world of freedom, family, hope and reward. We should all double our efforts to expand our influence and bring more "fruit" from our efforts.

The team

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You are part of a team.

You will always have someone by your side.

Come with us

We invite you to events where we receive motivation, but also strategies we can use right away for achieving measurable results. Network TwentyOne International has the vision, experience and resources to handle all aspects of both local and international business support and training for Amway Independent Business Owners.

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